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Alison's Private Passions, Radio 3, 21st Jun
  • "On Sunday 21 June, Michael Berkeley is joined by his Private Passions
    (12-1pm) guest Alison Goldfrapp, the lead singer of duo Goldfrapp, who
    talks about finding her voice and the childhood that inspired her,
    choosing music including Jessye Norman singing Fruhling from Strauss's
    Four Last Songs, Atmospheres by George Ligeti and the music her partner
    Lisa Gunning sends her when they’re apart."

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  • I'm confused.... no one listened to this!?? Where are the comments??
  • I was wondering this

    Only listened to half of it but it's really interesting
  • For those who can access it, here is the programme on i-player

    The tracks Alison chose were:

    Pilentzee Pee - one of those Bulgarian women's choir things
    Astor Piazolla - Balda para mi muerte
    Mahler - 5
    Legeti - Atmospheres
    Richard Strauss - 4 Last Songs
    Steve Reich - Pulses ("the sound of life", said Alison. Actually, very reminiscent of "Voicething")
    Morriconi - Un altro mare

    Some snippets from the chat:

    - Alison did learn a bit of clarinet when younger

    - She's only recently begun to do vocal exercises (that was a bit of a surprise for me)

    - when she and Will are improvising together, they always record every bit of whatever they are doing

    - Patricia Highsmith and Dorothy B Hughes (for "Laura") are cited as literary influences

    - "Will and I quite often discuss why I like things slow" [in tempo]. She thinks it's because that creates an atmosphere that's languid, sensual...in the early days, the record company kept asking them to speed things up, put a beat in it

    Pretty much everything else was familiar territory - although she was quite friendly- sounding, I had the feeling that Alison was in interview autopilot mode, reluctant to reveal anything that she hadn't disclosed before.
  • ^ I enjoyed this as well and I think your recap is spot on. I was also thinking that it must get rather tiresome responding to the same questions over and over. I have to say that some of her most charming radio presentations have been with Katie Puckric, mostly because she's responding to Katie's flights of fancy, which is entertaining. Loved listening to her selections though.
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Ahh I'm bookmarking this for after work.. sounds right up my street  :) Anything with Steve Reich in..

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