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  • Anybody think it's a good idea to invite new members to the board via Twitter and Facebook etc...? Was thinking that since the forum was locked down last year there is no way for new people to get in...So, if we don't do any "outreach" it will only be a matter of time before this place turns into a ghost town.

    I'm gonna start, if anyone want's to join me all you have to do is reach out to the person via social media, have them give you an email, then log into the GMB and Click on your own name on top menu (to right of Inbox). Then 'My Invitations' on left menu. Then think just a case of entering their email...

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  • Yes, I agree. There must be more freaks like us out there, right (?) I mean freaks about Goldfrapp. (Obviously)
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  • ^Sent you an email, AND sent a few invites to some new folks that seem like fun. Speaking of fun, has anybody seen Lou or Whisper it lately? It feels like forever!

    Just been informed by two of the people I sent invites to that they have not received them:/

    This confirms the fact that no new people have been allowed to get in. No wonder it's quiet here?!
    Maybe HJ can reach the management folks to have them fix it.
    Gonna drop him a line.
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    this place is is becoming a coffin....great idea
  • Ah, have just seen this thread.

    Have asked whether any invite-successes. If not, I'll tweet Marc Kremers.

    Obviously, anyone else can do so... he's on twitter: @marckremers
  • A new member had arrived so maybe the invites are working again. I sent you out a test email anyway, let us know if you get it.
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  • I still have 3 left so happy to pass these on to any new fans if someone has candidates.
    Re 'this place is a bit like a coffin' - I suggest people get their noses out of Twatter occasionally and Fartbook and contribute here more. I have been tempted by the Twat dark side of late but I will never fully cross over into the self validation fest that Fartbook has become and will always find time to come back here as this is Goldfrapp Central, a pure blood whereas Twat is a mongrel. A pretty mongrel I will grant you. A seductive brothel of interesting girls with all kinds of tricks, but not a pure blood like the Goldfrapp Forum.
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  • I'm actually still having issues with the invites.

    Two of the folks that I've sent invites to still have not received them, they keep messaging me to jet me know. :/
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  • ^ Hmm. I TwitterDMed ya - asking about the status of the invites? (You can check by clicking again on the "My Invitations" link.) At least we know it works in some cases :-) (I invited Julia M and that worked OK.)
  • I guess it's hit or miss? Anyway, now I have two invites left, which is odd because I should only have one, but whatever. It would be nice to have more people back in here. Let's do what we can.
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  • Does it say "pending" for the ones that haven't been received?
  • Have they checked their spam?

    Or, maybe they visited and are just being nice.
  • ^ haha maybe, I hadn't thought about that :D But nah, think there really might be something up. The spam folder might actually be a feasible explanation. Gonna have them try that. Thanks

    And yeah HJ, it says pending.
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  • So... it sounds like someone (deer?) flicked a switch somewhere and invites made since 12 March will work? Let's hope that's the case.
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  • We have a Deer stalker - Elementary!
    Which reminds me of a joke....

    Why are you still here? Everyone else knows that's a hint to go to the Jokes thread !
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    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
  • Hiya I've managed to get in at last thanks to Rach and Elliot, thanks for your help guys :)


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