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madonna's shoes tumblin' for you
  • i'll start the thread....others can post the pics

    madonna 7" color vinyl single only...a cover of
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  • Let's hope she was wearing undies. :D
  • Seems like Madges time is up ( or maybe I'm just being a " diva bitch"- nice). If the only publicity you can generate for your own shows is bad, fingers up to the UK publicity, then time to bow out...which I'm sure she could do with a tattooed-assed mooney and an illegal exit through London traffic.
    Meow ( heh heh).
  • Saw her live in Toronto for the Rebel Heart Tour.

    She cut songs from her playlist, came on forty minutes late, bitched if people didn't fangirl and clap for her, mimed all of her new songs but none of the oldies that she's rehearsed over and over again, and on top of that called the audience a bunch of "f***ing useless drunks". The much-hyped guest was Nelly Furtado, as opposed to an audience member as we were instructed would be. Heaven forbid she spanks an ass not made out of plastic.

    Disrespectful, self-centred, maniacal and just plain blind. She only loves us for the money we've made her, and it's very clear. Always loved her music and wanted to give her a chance, but for $300 a decent seat MINIMUM for that kind of treatment, hell no.

    Put a fork in her. She's done.

    This is coming from someone who got to personally shake Celine Dion's hand and talk for four minutes at the very least - even with her deceased husband lying in state just behind her. She stood in that cathedral for TEN hours and met every person wanting to pay their respects. I was blown the hell away. Now THAT is an iconic woman who possesses class, respect and common decency. I'll pay to see her when she tours, plus she sings. Damn well, too.

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  • LMAO
    slippage your post made my morning

    and we wonder why Rocco wants to stay with dad 


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