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Sandra Kolstad - Zero Gravity State Of Mind
  • But just caught this wonderful track My Yelow Heart on 6music. Then checked out the video (you only have to say Iceland and i'm already on youtube) and the whole package blew me away. I recognised her name/face and i think i'd heard the odd track from a few years back but
    seemed like a Robyn imitator and I wasn' that bother electro poppy Scandanavian. But
    maybe I should have looked a bit deeper.

    So I tracked down the new album Zero Gravity State Of Mind and it's quite a step up from what she has done before. Really carefully put together. With a fantastic powerful voice and much bigger range than the average electronic edged female singers i follow these days. She is also quite a unique looking women and add a Scandanavian Florence vocal power and a wide range production she goes from Marina (and diamonds) to Lykke to Bjork to in 3 tracks. I may be sticking my neck out (with a named post) but i think she could be huge if she gets some coverage?

    I'm guessing after 3 albums she is quite well known in Norway. Can't belive she hasn't been mentioned on here before. There's a track called Benjamin/Million that really made the album.

    There's a whole album preview here!


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  • Hmmm....to me it's too imitative of Iamamiwhoami...but I'm sure someone will put me straight!

  • KatRobin said:

    Hmmm....to me it's too imitative of Iamamiwhoami...but I'm sure someone will put me straight!

    It's all subjective I suppose but as much as I like Iamamiwhoami, her last Blue just seems a repeat the other 2 and she was quite dark and leftfield. Whereas Kolstad even though she is more commercial, seems to cover a wide range of styles. I agree you can hear the influences quite easily, but only like Goldfrapp wore their influences in thier sleeves. But It's how well you do it. She also writes and produces!

    I'm glad you said Iamamawhoami, as i thought she was more on the pop side, rather than the dark scandanivain side. It's funny as she has such a big voice (one big difference with iammamawhoami) to me she brings to mind Marina and the Diamonds put through a Scandanavia filter. Which is great for me as I lkied Marina but ashe when way too mainstream for me after teh first album, wasting all that potential. This is the album I wish she had made next.
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  • It's such a fine line between acknowledging another artist as an influence, and plagiarising them I suppose...and it's incredibly difficult to convince cynics that you only intend the former when being accused of the latter I guess. At the end of the day, there is nothing new under the sun ( hey, can I squeeze a few more cliches in lol)...( that was my point..I was being ironic in a post-modernist self deprecating kind of way). To which I wave my hands, say " oh bo#%*,¥>s " to it all....and if I like it that's ok. And if you like it that's ok too. And if you like something else that's ok.

    As long as it's Goldfrapp ha ha!