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  • Saw Spectre again while in Copenhagen. In English with Danish sub-titles. As enjoyable as the first time and the chance to look out for different things. Excellent and worth a 2nd visit.

    I really liked it! :) and... i think Sam's theme has actually grown on me tbf. i think its his high pitch that took a while to get used to.
  • They were in talks to do Casino Royale but it didn't work out. Alison has talked briefly about saying it won't happen because they aren't famous enough, which is probably true. I mean fuck just listen to Quantums theme, talent means shit.
  • When I saw this new thread, I thought it was about the classical-music-ish group called Bond.  (Comprising Haylie Ecker, Eos [who doesn't seem to have a surname], Tania Davis and Gay-Yee Westerhoff.  They're a string quartet.)

    Now that I find what the thread's really about, I'm disappointed.

    James Bond -- piff!
  • Bond related, there's a great big chunky book available cheap in some of the discount bookshops in the UK that has all the promo posters and artwork for the Bond movies and it's a wonderful document as to a) the way things have changed over the years and b) how different regions/countries see the same Bond films differently.

    James Bond: 50 Years of Movie Posters

    Here's a site with some examples - well worth a look

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  • I wonder whether I'm the only person on here who isn't interested in James Bond films.  I was persuaded once (by my then girlfriend) to see one (Roger Moore era) at the cinema.  That's the only James Bond film I've sat through in its entirety.  I've seen bits and pieces of others when people have them on the television.  One of my problems with the films is my strong antipathy for the James Bond character, whom I'd like to see killed.  But he never is killed.  Instead, the supposed villain always seems to attempt to kill him by some unfeasible method.  I think (and sometimes say out loud) "You fucking idiot!  Why don't you just put a bullet through his brain?"  But they never do.  I find the fragments of film I've seen very frustrating.  I can't see how the films would work unless the viewer feels some kind of sympathy with the character.  And how could anyone do that?  He's ghastly in almost every conceivable way.  Can I be the only person to think so?
  • You should give Casino a shot, the villain doesn't really fuck about. Skyfall too, the newer ones have been less glorified spy fantasy.
  • rewak said:

    You should give Casino a shot, the villain doesn't really fuck about. Skyfall too, the newer ones have been less glorified spy fantasy.

    I've enjoyed the latest ones as well. Daniel Craig has certainly bought a more realistic grittiness to the role.
    I would imagine a real life character in the same profession as Bond would be up to his (or her) armpits in blood, piss and guts and this has been better rendered in the latest movies than the ones from the 80's certainly. The very early ones were grittier as well. No disrespect to Richard Keel but a 7 foot steel toothed assassin? I think Moonraker was the pinnacle of this silliness but it was trying to compete with the public's appetite for Star Wars type movies.
    As for theme music, I do not fully agree with the view that the artiste has to be massively well known. I think, like Bond, the artiste needs to be sophisticated, well respected, cultured even, and this describes Goldfrapp very well. You cannot say that about several of the more recent offerings. I think Will's lush soundscapes and string arrangements and Alison's soft breathy vocals would do Bond well.
    Anyone got Barbara Broccoli's phone No or Twiiter account?
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  • Errr well we'll see how it holds up since they were looking to cast a large man in the vein of Jaws for the upcoming movie.

    I was just reiterating what Alison said, i don't agree with it being a good method. It should be about who can bring it to the table and less about who has the biggest name recognition worldwide, if it's good it'll sell and if it's bad it won't, again Quantums theme just proves that. However maybe if they got back to making the standalone games Frapp would meet their requirements for that, and the plus of that is they've generally put the theme singer in the game as a featured role. Alison as a virtual Bond girl, imagine!
  • My association with Bond goes back to about 1968. As a young boy ( I was apparantly; my Mother assures me) I would go to the Saturday morning pictures at our local Odeon. I entered a competition and won ( I cannot remember what you had to do) and I won tickets to see Thunderbird 6 and a Bond twin header of Goldfinger and Thunderball. These were the days when not so many films were being released and popular films came back to the cinema. I was young; too young to be allowed to watch these Bond films on my own, so the cinema had an Usherette sit with me throughout the films ( was this my first date ??). I have been in love with the cinema most of my life as we lived directly opposite one from when I was 5 until I was 18. I used to sneak in through one of the exit doors and these were the days that there were always 2 films, a B and a feature, and it ran all day for 3 complete showings; turning out about 10.30 in the evening. I have lost count of the times I went in when it was daylight and came out again in the dark. My parents always knew where I would be if they missed me for too long and on more than one occasion I was hunted for by usherettes by torchlight looking for the local 'missing' lad. God, I loved Usherettes!
    Anyway, Bond has been there ever since.
    I posted on an earlier thread my association with Terry Mountain, who played Raphael in 'On her Majesty's Secret Service' ( he was the bigger guy in the fight scene on the beach at the start and turned out to be one of Tracey's Dad's henchmen) , which is where the Bond photos I also posted came from.
    Similar to your posters Carpy, I got the DK 100 postcard pack for the 50th anniversary. Sweet!

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  • This thread is called "bond" and contains several messages about.... well... errr.... Bond. But in the first post, Whick puts forward a question that probably has more to do with Goldfrapp than with Bond. Apparently (see Rewaks post) Goldfrapp is regarded to be not famous enough to get asked to make a Bond theme. Of course if they could, it would provide fame and money to our beloved Alison and Will. But to be honest, as much as I admire their music, I feel rather comfortable being a fan of a not overwhelmingly popular band. I kinda like it wen people say "what?.. Goldfrapp??? Never heard of them".

    So the question is: would we want Goldfrapp to get really famous (mainstream???) by making a Bond theme?
  • Shit!  That was the wrong post.  How embarrassing!  I'll post, again, below.  Well, at least, it wasn't the anniversary email.  Sheesh!  *roll-eyes*  I am soooo glad I just happened to come back to the post rather soon!  UT, I expect you read it but, maybe, that was all.
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  • Interesting point Father Jeronimooo. It has been a long time since my last confession and I must say, I too am captivated by liking a band that is not too famous. Mrs T and I like U2 as well, as long as you separate the music from the pompous, overtly political posturing of Bonio. (Sic). The trouble with liking U2 is that millions of people like U2 and you are just one of many; reasonably insignificant in the great malaise. When you have a band like Goldfrapp, you feel special, privileged in that you are in the know, like a small swarm of bees that find a secret hidden garden, hidden from the other bees where you can go gorge on the fabulous nectar that the garden provides. I think Alison and Will also think this way. Artistic credibility is far more appealing to them than just the pursuit of mega fame and the riches it could provide. Alision strikes me as an incredibly private person and superstardom does not a comfortable bedfellow make to one such as she.
    I, for one, hope the get enough money to satisfy their needs so that they keep doing it and remain that nugget of gold that only the very privileged get to mine.
    So endeth my confession Father J. What's that? 5 Hail Mary's and one our Father? Bugger !
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  • Time Out from the World sounds to me like Bond movie end credits. It must be the strings. Very Barryesque.
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  • Good lord, I accidentally posted an email rather than my comments on Bond.  Oh, well, try, try, again.  That's gone.  Whew!  I betcha some eyebrows popped up on that one!  Hahahaha!

    Let's see.  What had I written.  I know I nuked the document by now.  Ummmmm

    I can't believe that the Bond franchise can have so little faith in themselves as to feel the need to validate their existence by using "big name" bands.  And, I quote that because, yes, Madonna and U2/Tina Turner are one thing.  But, Garbage??!?!  The song wasn't even that spectacular.  The Madonna song, and clip, and having her as an actress in the movie was brilliant.  Those electric or lightning ladies (not the fire ladies, which were overplayed) were brilliant!  They should have showed for of the electric ladies, that was just way cool.  But, really, if it's not over-the-top artists, at least, pick a band that will do the music right.  Duh!  I mean, it's like the franchise has this inferiority complex or something and feels the need to pick some well-known band to attract viewers.  Give me a break.  This is the largest, longest running franchise in film history! It's much better to have the music match the genre than go schlepping "big names" that aren't all that big or impressive anyways.

    And, to your point, Jer, I don't really care whether Goldfrapp becomes astronomically popular unless they do, which I don't think is the case.  It's just that their music fits so perfectly to the Bond genre that it seems inept of the Bond franchise not to use them.  Heck, I'd be almost tempted to suggest that they use Goldfrapp as their regular opening band unless they could, occasionally, run across something really over the top, like Madonna.

    Oh, yeah!  And, if you don't like over-the-top scenes, you must just not like action movies.  At least to me, they are all about the over-the-top.  I'd swear, they would figure out some way to convince themselves to blow up a pool if there were any way to rationalize water being expolsive.  The one that really tickles me is the screeching tires on a dirt road.  What were you thinking!
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  • Well Whick, I liked the first line if your post.. ;-) (though I was somewhat surprised and shocked). But never mind, I've almost forgotten the contents already.

    Now for the Goldfrapp Bond theme contest. I think it would have to be a track from the Felt Mountain album for sure. Human is a great suggestion. Featuring Alison as Bondgirl!
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