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Your dream and predicted setlist for Royal Albert?
  • So, though the Royal Albert site says it will be the entire album I actually doubt they'll play Thea, they didn't do it last year in Manchester and Beacon.

    So other than ToU what do you think they'll play and want them to play?

    Paper Bag (almost for sure)
    Lovely Head (Alison made me bored of this song)
    Road to Somewhere
    You Never Know (maybe, cos' they'll probably only play from the downtempo albums but it's such a favorite of Alison's, you never know :P)

    I wish Alison played more with the set lists, cos' I really think she doesn't see Felt Mountain tracks' worth.

    Deer Stop (Miss this so much!)
    Pilots (would be gorgeous! and i think it's an obvious choice)
    Let It Take You (this, too but I know they won't)
    Paper Bag
    And Thea if they're gonna leave it out again.

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  • Their setlists are conclusively quite predictable. However, there may be a "Yellow Halo"-esque surprise!!!? That one was a curve-ball I'm sure!

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