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Royal Albert Hall - Seat plan, Accom & Names
  • Blatantly pinching Sally's idea for Greenwich... here's a plan of where we will be sitting at the RAH.
    If anyone wants to have their seat added, please post the section/row/number in the main RAH thread (if you haven't already, or if you've just mentioned section/row). Thanks!
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  • If anyone would like adding to this Accom list... just put details in the main RAH thread. Ta.

    wild_corgiHouse of wild corgi
    Halloween_JackHouse of wild corgi
    thathurtHouse of wild corgi
    CaravanGirlHouse of wild corgi
    Dreeke + Marlou1 lexham gardens hotel
    KeithJ_gmb1 lexham gardens hotel
    Hells_Bells1 lexham gardens hotel
    LittleBird + 2The Queens Gate Hotel
    GiancarloThe Queens Gate Hotel
    DrewThe Queens Gate Hotel
    UnaFifty-Four Boutique Hotel
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  • Real-life names:

    thathurt = Rach
    wild_corgi = Lindsay
    HolyOwl = ?
    Halloween_Jack = Elliot
    dcbaxter = David
    LittleBird = Kate
    Howiet1971 = ?
    Stuart_P = Stuart?
    CaravanGirl = Gro
    st185cs = Mark (+1 is Jayne)
    paolot = Paolo (+1 is Moraika)
    pob = Laurence but prefers pob!
    Dreeke = Andre (+1 is Marlou)
    Una = Una
    VisualFallacy = Sally
    KeithJ_gmb = Keith
    Laura = Laura
    ping = Louise
    acasu87 = Anita
    mode_devotion = Christian
    Hells_Bells = Helen
    keithw = Keith?
    Appy61 = Keith (+1 is Michelle)
    Urban_Tribesman = Nick (+1 is Lisa)
    NovaLasing = Pete (+1 is Helen)
    Giancarlo = Giancarlo
    Drew = Tracy
    Layla = Layla (+1 is Spike)
    John_The_Flower_Man = John
    frappmountain = Bethan
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