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Desperately seeking Simon Fisher...
  • Anyone fancy a challenge?

    Was going through old CD's the other night, stuff i'd filled away years ago and came across some Creation records samplers I had without covers. Funny I never knew what half the artists wereas it was pre internet then. But there was one track on one disc that I was always taken a back by but never knew who it was by.

    Turns out it was by a SImon Turner, child actor, pop singer turned soundtrack artist and protiege of one Jonathan King :-o (but don't let that put you off.) He seems to have gone form teen acting, to pop career, then went all Scott Walker (joining a pre fame The The for 2 years) and finally making soundtracks for people like Derek Jarmen (he was classicall trained clarinet player). Also maybe interesting for some in here he produced Polly Scattergood's debut album. Funny thing is i've never heard of him.

    Anyhow the track was Dark Melt on a self titled album: Tracklisting: Almost Bliss, Warm Melt, Dark Melt, Muzak, Bliss.

    Can't find anything apart from Discogs entry. Just wanted to here what other tracks were like. His career is so random it could be anything.

    Dark Melt is on Youtube as a backing track to video.

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