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Dissapointed in Australia
  • Is anyone else here on this board from Australia? I'm not usually one to be negative but it seems to me that Australia really has been left behind on the whole Tales of Us release, and have had many broken promises, which I don't think has been discussed yet?

    Firstly there was the announcement that Goldfrapp would be preforming at a nationwide festival last year, only to be cancelled and if I recall correctly - I remember Alison being pretty optimistic they would get another chance to come here, but nothing was ever announced following that.

    Then there was the cinema release of Tales of Us in which Australia was one of the specified countries it had been billed to play from the official press release, but when the dates were announced there was no sign of Australia, and even when the second set of dates were announced, there was still no shows here. It still hasn't been shown...

    Lastly I have been holding out to see the film in full and was excitedly waiting for the 30th of June to come so I could finally buy it. I stayed up until 12 last night, waiting for it to appear on itunes and nothing ever came, It seems as though its not available in Australia, even though it specified worldwide on the release dates and numerous sites had reported : Australia -June 30th. Now I'm getting emails telling me the film is available to buy, when its not :(

    Of course I dont really blame Alison and Will for this, but just shoddy organising and lack of clarity from their marketing team/organisers. Why is this happening? Why would they lie - or at least not address it if things have fallen through? Normally I would never complain about this stuff, since I totally understand how hard is is for bands to please all of their fans, but it's happened three times now and no attempt has been made to address it. I really can't understand it because Australia is a first world country, in which they have a huge fanbase and would easily sell out shows.

    P.s. Does anyone know if the film - or the album with the videos, is available to buy anywhere here, or is it just itunes exclusive?
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  • Its a shame how things have been delivered in Australia.

    It wasn't Goldfrapp's fault over the Harvest Festival. Because the festival was cancelled, bands were offered the option to do headlining gigs, which would have left Goldfrapp out of pocket. Because we are so far away, and because of the cost to our Australia, they can only visit if a festival invites them as the festival absorbs so many costs. That pretty much screwed chances of other festivals picking them up as some of our major festivals would have already planned who they want over the next few months. Personally, i'm disappointed they weren't chosen to headline the Listen Out festival, as Fuzzy have had them out in Australia before and looked after them with sideshows. 

    As for the Tales of Us Film, that was also handled badly. Australia got 1 screening which was announced just over a week in advance, and wasn't only announced on a Facebook page and a website - nothing was announced on the main Goldfrapp page. I am still hoping we get it shown in a few cinemas eventually as it was magical seeing the film on the big screen.

    As for the Deluxe version of the album, that would normally come down to the label. I doubt we will get the film like the UK did. 

    I'm sure we will start to get Goldfrapp stuff down in Australia, the sucky side of living in the middle of no where is that it usually takes forever or we just go without :(
  • All the more reason why these things should be on physical releases. Little bits of plastic like they used to be. At least then you could arrange to buy it and have it shipped out to you.
    7 days now since I ( and Banana) emailed Adam Kline and no reply, unless you count the email telling me I could buy the films and the album again). Perhaps more people from the board need to email him until we get a response.
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  • All the more reason why these things should be on physical releases. Little bits of plastic like they used to be. At least then you could arrange to buy it and have it shipped out to you.  

    Yup!  The Internet makes it really easy to buy physical discs (CDs and DVDs) from anywhere in the world.  To take Amazon as an example, I've bought discs from Amazon in the USA, France and Germany as well as the UK.  Once you're registered with Amazon anywhere, all nationalities of Amazon will accept your password.  All this digital download nonsense is much more difficult.  I can buy a physical book from Amazon in America (and have done so), but not a Kindle book.
  • i miss the days where we got physical releases of everything. i enjoy collecting and i hate mp3s
  • aaronnnx said:

    i miss the days where we got physical releases of everything. i enjoy collecting and i hate mp3s

    I can think of only one positive thing to say about the rise of downloading: since I don't download music at all, the lack of physical releases is a kindness to my poor old bank account.
  • @aaronnnx Yes, unfortunately the festival was cancelled, and its a shame the band never got another chance to come here. I know its not their fault, but I do know they have toured here on their own before and am pretty sure there is at lease 4 or 5 major cities they could sell out shows to, again, I would never expect them to tour here if they actually lost money, but It just seems like another string of bad luck for Australians.

    I guess I was ultimately wrong about the film being shown here though, but as you said it was never annonced by Goldfrapp at all, and I had never heard even though I had been actively looking for it so the marketing was terrible. If it had been in my city I would probably have missed it. Anyway I just hope it does eventually get a proper run here, not just one screening and nothing in the major cities, otherwise it seems like a waste.

    From what I can see this new release was scheduled to be available in
    Australia through itunes, but I'm guessing somewhere down the line, things weren't
    completed or fell through, and they have just forgotten about it, and if
    that's the case ,and things aren't fixed, it will probably never be available here, and in this year, to me this is unacceptable. Us being fans who have forked out hundreds over the years are just meant to accept that we'll never be able to watch their first film-album properly? And yes even if their was a physical release somewhere in the world - at least we would have the option of shipping it, but now the only option is to wait until someone leaks it online....it just seems like the label are making fatal marketing mistakes for a band which really deserves better. Its a shame because I love Goldfrapp and I love what they do, and I'm only disappointed because its increasingly difficult to support them and give attention to their work.
  • where in australia are you from?

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