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Will there be a DVD release of "Tales Of Us?"
  • Do you think there will be a DVD/Blu-Ray release of "ToU" with the concert? I often think in the same lines of something like all the music videos and "Head First" and some goodies behind the scenes material. I love just watching Goldfrapp! It's a wish I have I hope it comes true. x
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  • Manchester International Festival :) That show was filmed and obviously the cinema event show was filmed, whether we'll actually see them released is another matter. Still wondering just what is going on with the film too, especially since it seems the UK encore screenings are a no go :(
  • What I'm wishing for is the same thing that was shown in select theaters the movie, "Tales Of Us" then the concert that followed. A Blu-Ray/DVD of that. I want to know why there was blood on Alison's lip, who had that ax? When she was running up that hill with all that fog at night, what did she encounter???? It's bugging the hell out of me and it makes me moody.
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  • With you there friend - a lot of people (including me) have tweeted herself, as yet, no response.
    What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about?
  • I hope it is, there is a wealth of extras that could be given to such a package, would like a CD version of Tales live to be included ;)
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  • The one thing, it seems, that you have to prepare yourself for as a Goldfrapp follower is a lot of loose ends.

    I have a horrible feeling that the live audio for Tales and the MIF video will join the ranks of things part or fully done with good intentions and then quietly put on the shelf. I noticed that some footage from MIF was used in the Making Of video so it may be that was always the intention video wise?

    Audio wise, however, with the audio tracks of the show used in the Deluxe set you'd imagine the rest is almost certainly out there mixed and ready to go. All the more frustrating considering how good the handful sound.

    Cross your fingers but don't hold your breath - that's the mantra to live by with this stuff.
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  • Manchester International Festival

    It was where they premiered tales last year-it was epic. And filmed by Lisa I think people said. Maybe Autumn this year would be a great time for a special edition tying up all the loose ends.....

    Release release release!
  • ^yeah would be nice, I'm not sure what the demand  for music dvd's is these days. I'd like to think there is enough demand  for a dvd/blu-ray package of Tales,  and it could look something like this:

    Disc 1

    Tales of Us films

    Live simulcast performance

    Goldfrapp the promo videos Part One

    Disc 2

    Manchester performance 2013

    TV appearances

    Goldfrapp the promo videos Part Two

    I'm only dreaming too  ;)

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  • Either way it would be great to get something else.....
  • The recently recovered Doctor Who stories from the Patrick Troughton era were released on i-Tunes first, and DVD's later, so it isn't impossible there will be a DVD release, just not that likely it would seem....
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    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline

    Alison just told my friend that they are making it available digitally first, to reach out. Then, it'll be released as seen in the theaters, with extra goodies here and there on DVD and Blu-Ray. :)
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  • Carpy I'm embarrassed to say this but what does MIF stand for? I do not own the deluxe box set.
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  • There's alot of unreleased ToU material, i think is kinda obvious there will be more physical content, in less than 3 months ToU will turn 1 year old, there's still time to they release more stuff.
    i still dream the day that they will release a dvd with all of their music videos.
  • Facetiously.....
    OF course there won't be a release...come on now....every time they do something AMAZING on film or video...............she freaks out about it....
    actually i think this will get released

    just sayin'  
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  • There was plenty of filming done on SN and 7T tours too - but no DVD :(
    ...so not expecting anything this time. Still hoping though
  • When you think about it, someone's got a massive bookcase somewhere with some fucking great self burnt DVD's on it.
    Do you think the Mute police stop them being uploaded to YouTube?
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