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York Barbican Theatre - Saturday 5th April
  • Sooooo excited.

    I've been poorly all week and panicking I wasn't going to be well to attend, however feeling better - thankfully!

    Anyone else going tonight?
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  • Yes. My wife (Denise) and I shall be there. Stalls C23/24

  • Aww, this is in my (original) neck of the woods... was tempted to travel back oop north for it, but with the cost of the Brighton gig and the upcoming K Bush gig (still owe you for that, DC) - I had to pull out.

    Hope it's a special evening, Mr Baxter, Mrs Baxter, Mr Fenland and Mr Tomato! :-)
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  • Dcbaxter....sitting on the row behind you along to the left.
  • Anyone know who the support band are?
  • Ok, the band have just introduced themselves as we were evergreen.
  • Enjoy, everybody. You're probably all hearing/watching 'Alvar' as I type.
  • great audience ! Almost like Glasgow, all standing and dancing from Number one to the end.
    Met David Baxter and his wife, and spoken a little bit with him about tickets and gigs
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  • Any changes to the set list?
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  • setlist was the same as Reading
  • Top gig!

    Alison was suffering from a heavy cold and i was a bit worried at the start as she seemed to struggle a little. But she got better and better as the gig went on.

    Most of the all-seated crowd were up on their feet from about the half way point, and it was a great atmosphere.

    Great moment as someone in the audience shouted out "Play Rocket!"

    Alison thought for a moment, shrugged her shoulders and said "No....", cue much laughter from the audience.

    What a gig, what a voice, what a night.
  • Amazing, as always. Had great seats. Got some great shots too...uploaded to my Instagram account... THOMASLAWRIECLARK if anyone wants to see them