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Bristol Colston Hall gig - 1 April 2014
  • I was surprised to see no thread for tonights gig...

    So, how many of the forum are going?  I am...  This is my 8th time seeing them live:

    • 03/12/2001 at the Shepherds Bush Empire FM Tour
    • 19/05/2003 at London Astoria BC Tour
    • 13/07/2003 at Somerset House BC Tour
    • 07/06/2010 at O2 Academy Oxford HF Tour
    • 22/07/2010 at Roundhouse for iTunes festival HF Tour
    • 9/11/2010 at O2 Academy Bristol HF Tour
    • 23/06/2013 at Trinity Centre Bristol Random Tour
    • 01/04/2014 at Colston Hall Bristol TOU Tour

    A bit of a gap there from 2003 - 2010.  Was still a fan, but not sure why I didn't see them live for such a long period!!!!!!!!!

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  • I shall be there! In Row D :)

    There are a few from the forum going that I know about - Giancarlo, ModeDevotion and AlexF

    Cannot wait! 

  • I'm somewhere in row B. Also I have a spare for row D which I'm ready to give away for peanuts!
    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • Enjoy it everyone tonight. Ill think of u lot wen im stuck at college fucking up photoshop or similar.
  • All enjoy tonight-You will.
  • Alex_f, I'm in row DD, will buy you a drink to trade up to your row D ticket?
  • I'm in B7 - come over?
    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • Enjoy. Wish I was there. =jealous. Mark
  • Sits waiting for reports from Bristol  :-\"
  • Sits waiting for reports from Bristol  :-\"

    Alex F reports on Twitter:
    Good god, the Bristolian audience was almost dead! Many people didn't even get up for Train and Strict Machine!

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  • ^
    Somebody has mentioned it on FB ( won't say the name as not sure if they post here anymore?) about the crowd.
    The Birmingham crowd were weird too. Took a while to get them going but all turned out OK in the end. Wonder how much Alison and the band take note of audience reaction when it's like that?
    Missing Davide maybe??
    I still think it's to do with this seated business :(
  • Yes a very subdued audience apart from a few but fab gig nonetheless and Alison sounding brilliant. Big big thanks to Alex_f for letting me have his spare ticket down the front.

  • If anyone can tell me how to post pics from my iPhone camera onto here I'll put some up :| :| :|
  • That's what happens when you bore people to death with Little Bird :P

    You could upload them somewhere like Imgur
  • set list was same as Brighton and Portsmouth/

    Audience were dead as.. a handful of people stood for RAWH.. then train a few more stood up.. even during strict machine their were people still sitting.. 

    it was an awesome gig, just boring audience
  • Why does everyone complain so much about seated audiences? I prefer sitting at shows. In fact, I get a little bothered if those in front of me stand, and I can't see.
    If I were dead, could I do this?

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