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  • This has been in the pipeline for some time, but management's confirmation e-mail has just this second popped into my inbox:

    Following the success of the 'Tales of us' photo app, we are excited to announce the release of a new audio-sample app, which effectively heralds the arrival of a new methodology in the Goldfrapp work-process. The idea is to enable members of the fan-base to contribute to the forthcoming project 'Showers'.

    Users will be able to record - on mobile-phone - audio samples. These will then be uploaded and collated for review by Alison and Will. "Do I need to be able to sing or play an instrument?" you might ask. Says Will: "Not at all... we will encourage people to be as sonically inventive as possible, and the musical adaptation will follow."

    You may well ask: "What sort of sounds are suitable?" Alison advises: "You're only limited by your imagination! Obviously we're hoping not to be inundated with slurpy bedroom noises, but people should not rule out sounds made by household objects, or indeed pets! A recording of my dog lapping-up her bowl of rooibos tea, when filtered, gave rise to the intro to one of the 'Tales of us' songs."

    Further details will be made available at 12 noon. Submission of audio-samples will be restricted to a 30-day period, with the final deadline being 31st April. This is an unmissable opportunity for those of a creative bent, and only a fool would pass it by!
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  • Yeah I just noticed the date d'oh
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  • Oh, I get it.

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  • Even if this were true, it would probably only be available for Apple iPhone users like the last app :( So nothing I could get excited about...
  • Ha!  Not bad, Jack, not bad. 
  • Honestly that would be a fun idea! For fun what sound would you record? I would record a crack of lightening and slow it way down so you get to hear all the power behind it. Mmmm, a deep loud strike..a low thundering roar and rumbling heaven. Nature at its most powerful discharge, a moment of creation.
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  • ^ That does sound like something with potential :-)

    Even though this was my little attempt at an AFJ, I *have* been messing around with Goldfrapp and audio-sample -related apps/web-pages, and the idea of allowing input/upload of user's samples is something I'm actually considering.
  • Cool! I'm always recording on my phone. I have ocean waves on a windy day, sounds of dripping water in a cave, lots of guitar and piano riffs so I'll remember em. That's actually a great idea HJ.. :-bd
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • You got me HJ! I bought it, hook, line and sinker, all the way till i got to Ping. Dammit! :D
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  • Haha! Sorry! :-)

    I did include a few hints:

    the last sentence mentioning 'fool'
    mention of non-existant date 31 April!
    'Showers' as in April, but also Alison chats about peeing in showers in a famous Q&A
  • I missed all those in my eagerness. First rule of magic: People see what they want to see.That was fun.
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • ^ YEEES!

    @A_is_A What's your sound then?
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • If it were true it would inundated with people coughing and sneezing , whinging about 'B' sides . 'Goldfrapp Showers' .....mmmm .
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  • I knew HJ would put up something this on April 1st - nice one :)

    If such a thing ever happened, I'd have to make a contribution on my ukulele. I might tune it properly or leave it as it is as presently, it makes sounds like you'd hear in a Japanese tea house!
  • I edited my previous post to be a little more vague than what I had originally posted as to not give away the joke...in case it wasn't my place.

    Imogen Heap did something very similar recently though...thousands of fans created and recorded samples of all sorts of sounds and she collected them all and created a song out of it.

    Would be so fun if more artists attempted things like this. It has a way of really bringing the fans into the art on a whole new level.


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