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Live footage from MIF/Albert Hall, 18 of July 2013
  • Sorry if this has already been posted as a discussion, but: What will come of the live footage from MIF/Albert Hall, 18. of July 2013??

    They filmed the entire gig, and who wouldn't loooooooove to have that on a DVD...?? ;)

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  • It would be great if it see's the light of day, hopefully as part of a wider package of all the Tales of Us films.
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  • No one knows, CaravanGirl.  I think we're all hoping that they eventually release a Tales of Us DVD with the 5 films, the cinema Air Studios concert footage and a "real" live concert set--like Manchester's.  That would be ace!
  • I recall some conversation on the subject, at the time, but I don't remember the details.  It seems like the reason for the taping was something else than selling it on DVD.  Someone on here should remember...
  • Can't remember them commenting on it, or even acknowledging it was filmed, some people just said the second one was, with Lisa popping up about if I'm right?

    Didn't notice anything on the first night....
  • there were cameras there on the first night, i seen them. i wouldn't hold your breath though kids, they've recorded a lot of gigs and we've never seen any of it! hey ho  :((
  • One of the camera peeps was directly in front of me and he only appeared to film the beginning and then certain elements throughout - it wasn't a full recording, at least by him anyway.
  • What other gigs have been filmed? The London Supernature one, some ST ones, and what about HF? Does anyone know of they were filmed?
  • I believe they did film the entire iTunes festival (2010 or 2011) HF performance. It's all on youtube- mind you, divided up as separate videos for each track they performed. 
  • Ah cool. I've got the Greek promo which is cool, has their first (?) gig on it, somewhere in Europe. So much cool footage! Out of all the bands I love, I think goldfrapp have the least amount leaked and what's released is what you get if that makes sense......shame sometimes.....
  • OOh I'd love to see this too! ;)
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  • Jude said:

    OOh I'd love to see this too! ;)

    i agree!
  • Whats been filmed and not released you ask?

    Brixton 2005
    Brixton 2006
    Royal Albert Hall 2006
    Manchester Ritz 2006
    Eden 2006
    Union Chapel 2008
    De La Warr Pavillion 2008
    Royal Albert Hall 2008
    St John-at-Hackney Church 2011
    MIF/Albert Hall 2013
    Air Studios 2014

    There's probably more, they do like to film and not release anything. In September it'll be the 10th anniversary of Wonderful Electrics release, time enough for a new live DVD/Blu i'd think!
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  • Wow. That's some list.,...
  • A very late reply, but...: Thanks for the answers, people! :)

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