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Remaining Tales of Us films to be released!
  • I tweeted Mute USA asking if the videos for "Stranger", "Laurel" and "Jo" would eventually be released.  Mute replied:  "We will be announcing when we can share the films shortly".  I hope this means we'll have these gorgeous pieces by the end of the month.  I'm sure all three will be released soon after the second set of screenings in the US on March 25/27.
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  • I'm a lot more interested in the live session frankly, the films are nice but there was never any real question on whether they'd get a mass release in some form.
  • Obviously they will put the five films on DVD. They put Drew, Annabel and "The making of Tales of US" in the deluxe boxset. I think it will be as the special edition of Seventh Tree, with all promo videos, TV performances and the live session. It is just a question of time.
  • Would love to see a Tour Edition of Tales of Us:

    CD Album:
    Bonus Tracks (please please some unreleased gems!)

    DVD or BluRay:
    - Album Launch Live from Manchester
    - The Making of Tales of Us (album)
    - Tales of Us Films (Stranger, Laurel, Jo, Drew, Annabel)
    - Live Cinema Event
    - Thea (Video Projections)

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