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Goldfrapp fans in the SF bay area - film dates?
  • Hi guys,

    Just wondered how many other Goldfrapp fans are in the SF bay area and want to go see the film.  The only location I've found so far is the AMC on Van Ness.  I am kind of amazed it appears that there are no indie theaters in the area that have picked this up.  Anyone wanna pool together and see if we can get one of the indie theaters to host the event?  >:)
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  • If I lived in San Fran ( Gorgeous city!! ) I would totally go with you :) I dropped my local cinemas an email about the event. It certainly didn't hurt. Luckily it ended up at one fairly close to my home so I can't complain.
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  • Count me in! I am sooooo there! Cant wait.

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