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US Tour 2014???
  • Wishful thinking out-loud. However, since you bothered popping into the thread please post a line and show your interest in seeing the band in the US. It certainly can't hurt to see the love! 
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  • Yes please to a real US tour. My memory is they've only done very few US shows recently - usually just NY on like a Tuesday and maybe a couple more. being from Boston I wound up going to San Fran to see them for Head First and just the one NY show last year which I made the trip for.
  • Would not be able to afford to get to it myself. But hope it happens for you. so= + 1
  • I'm good. Saw them in September.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I demand a tour in the Nordic countries! It should seriously be our turn by now...

    iuventus said:

    I'm good. Saw them in September.

    Now, now. There's no such thing as seeing Goldfrapp live too many times. ;)
  • ^Righty, September is almost half a year ago already. Moreover, there were songs I did not have the pleasure of hearing live, Thea was not played that night and now we have Lee! Those two alone are with it for me.
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  • Yes, yes yes,  Support, support, support!  I will be surprised if they don't tour the US since they've toured for every other album here going back to Felt Mountain.  I imagine they could (possibly?) be in discussions for a couple of US festivals so perhaps those dates need to get nailed down first?  I mean... Treasure Island, Bonnarroo, Bumbershoot, Pitchfork, CMJ, Lollapalooza, FYF Fest...

    Unfortunately, they didn't make it on to the Coachella roster this year.  
  • How about a world tour? (wishing for the impossible)

    Maybe if we can all convince our local orchestras to offer some backup, I'm sure A&W would gladly visit..
  • ^ Cool, I was there for that too! YES we want more, we want MORE!!
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Yes to a US tour...would love to see this show in California.

    HorseTearz, Coachella is still adding artists to their lineup so it wouldn't be completely out of the question but I would MUCH rather see them do a non festival show for this album!

  • Agreed, hunter.  
  • Hollywood Bowl for HF was great....
    but Disney Concert Hall with an orchestra would be amazing.....

  • I want the Warfield in San Francisco with an orchestra...my favorite venue in the world.

  • Agreed, stevil.  And there's certainly a  precedent  for it.  Members of the LA Phil have backed up various indie/alternative bands at Disney Hall over the last few years.  I have mixed feelings about these types of concerts.  The LA Phil is one of the top three orchestras in the country -- hell -- I'd argue it's one of the finest in the world and it seems a bit demeaning for them to essentially be backing musicians for indie bands.  But, on the flip side, I think these types of concerts are probably enormously helpful to the Phil in reaching potential new audiences some of whom may come back for the full experience of hearing the full 100+ orchestra playing Stravinsky or Brahms.  

    Whether it's the LA Phil or just a group of talented session musicians, a Goldfrapp concert with full string section at Disney Hall would be sublime!  
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  • :) ...still hoping Maus...i mean Horse Tearz :) 

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