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  •  I was put onto this band by my mate Stig from Denmark , um..his description was "Very Goldfrapp........." , I decided that at times strings just can`t do it for me (bar a G) I needed more synths than I could beat off with a stick and his link gave them . He`d sent me a video by Mollyhaus -  a very Strict Machinesque bassline , so please no drama queening about ripping off Goldfrapp as the generations go on pop will very much eat itself (ie Goldfrapp as just as "guilty" of it as others) . The songs name even gives a nod to Strict Machine anyway ( Love Machine) . It makes the Rachel Stevens single eat a shit sandwich .
     The band are much more than just borrowing a bassline off SM though , their other songs are equally spiffy , I`m not one to promote any artists ever as I think my musical venn diagram looks quite Leftfield (pun intended) . Anywhattles , I hear them and I hear "What would have happened if Goldfrapp stayed with the BC sound (and put in a splodge of moonface Ellis- Bexter) " , just my opinion , but give them a listen and put a pound in the box on the way out , so she can afford to get her fringe cut properly . 

     Oh , some of the videos are a tad smutty , I must mention it for the big girls blouses sensitive souls on the forum - breasticles , gesticulations of fellatio etc . My favourite is Red Shoes , a magnificent throb of a bassline and the pads are so deep and sweeping that they`re sponsored by Tampax . 

     I`m sure someone else has mentioned them via "What are you currently listening namedropping to ?" thread by just posting a video - but a search won`t pick up their name . So if someone wants kudos for mentioning Mollyhaus - send me your address and I`ll put some in the post for you . 

    Oh lawks a lawkey , my codpiece is on fire , the jacket she`s wearing , aye carumba . 

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