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Free Copy of Perfect Effects 4 Premium
  • Not spam I`m afraid , this months copy of Photoshop Creative has the links/code to obtain the Premium version of Perfect Effects 4 within it , you download the software from them and just fill in the form and get the key emailed to you , simples . Do due diligence on the software , it can act as a standalone program or as a photoshop plugin . Versions for Mac or Windows are available . It didn`t actually ask me for the key from the magazine , but here it is if required (FREESOFT-DEC13) 

    1. Got to the page above
    2. Click on download
    3. Fill in form 
    4. Receive confirmation page and email
    5. Click on download link , install and use code from the email/confirmation page to register the program when you start it for the first time as the Licence Number .

    At no stage do they ask for anything other than your email , you can always take the code and then set their email as spam to stop the inevitable emails that will follow .

    The Effects are all up in the right hand corner , it has the advantage over photo adjusting websites in that it allows layers and masks etc . 
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