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Strict Machine (VDJ Doc-Terry Vs Peter Rauhofer NYC Video Remix)
  • Just gone up on Vimeo. Worth it just for the re-mixed vocals at the 5m.30secs mark. Everything about the Black Cherry era still gives me goosebumps.



    photo 48d99ea1-4ff3-47b4-a076-5c9c0bc0a716_zpsbb643bce.jpg
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  • Tres cool!!! Thanks M
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • i've had this remix on my ipod for a while, not my favorite (but tbh no remix ever improved strict machine. imo that song is perfect)

    but this is the first time i've really seen the video in high-ish quality and i never realized that the image on alison's black leotard is like a zombie kind of dude with a guitar and flames in the background??? my mind just saw all the orange and interpreted it as a roaring tiger head (which would have been cooler i think)

    also the boots have cutouts on the back my mind is blown