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Why do people go to (Goldfrapp) gigs ?
  • When I was at the Amsterdam gig last week, I noticed a lot of people around me that didn´t seem to actually know Goldfrapp that well. Of course, I do not want to question their motives for being there, but I wondered how much of a fan these people were. When the band started to play the intro of Yellow Halo, a lot of people looked puzzled. Like they were thinking: “Huh? What´s this?”.

    The next day I shared my observations with a colleague who goes to all kinds of gigs more often than I do. He said that he too got the impression that nowadays many people go to a gig not for the Music, but to look around and to be looked at. I think that is an interesting theory, which is worth sharing with you guys here. What do you think of this?

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  • I also noticed this. But I heard people behind me talking about going to see Goldfrapp because they heard interesting things about Tales of Us or the band in general :) So I guess that's a good thing. 
    I can also imagine that there's the kind of people who hear 1 song, love it and go to see them perform live. 

    I dislike the social event part that makes people talk through evertyhing..
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  • Gigs are now social events , talking , laughing , taking selfies , before , during and after the gig is considered as acceptable behavior by the bellend end of the social spectrum . There are some that go as there are few and far between bands that come to their area , some go as they hear they`ve a reputation as a "great live band" or `people who talk` and have little patience as I like to call them . 
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  • I take the needle off the Technics and put it in my vein
  • I dislike going to gigs intensely. In my whole life I have been to two gigs i.e. Saint Etienne (tiny Christmas gig in 2000) and Laurie Anderson.

    I have not seen Goldfrapp live and have no desire or wish to see them (or anyone really) live.

    I'm a studio guy. I often find live versions of songs/tracks disappointing. In addition to that, I'm not fond of crowds (at all).

    So I guess that doesn't answer your question at all. It's just my personal preference. If I were to guess, people go to have a social experience. And what they make of the experience depends on their expectations.
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  • ^ No, it doesn’t answer my question at all. But nevertheless I find your post interesting, mainly because of the things we discussed earlier about lyrics. Like you, I am a “studio guy”. That is, I generally dislike CD’s with live recordings. But as I said in the other thread, for me the melody, the rythm, the instruments, and so on make the music worthwile. And that is exactly where I think gigs come in. Being in a special atmosphere –in my case the old church of Paradiso– in a crowd that comes to listen to the music (at least that is what I assumed so far), I really sort of feel tracks like Yellow Halo and Ride a White Horse gushing through my body. It even makes me appreciate certain tracks on CD´s more (like Alvar for instance).

    Thanks for sharing your view, Archway!

  • The live element to a song enriches or elevates the experience of the song (to me anyway) , I like the constructing of memories and experiences via gigs - the elation of the emotional response to the music intertwined with the emotions of a shared experience and shared feelings, of feeling what feels like a perfect instant in time . These feelings mixed with music makes songs I like or even love turn into songs I can feel in my soul and with a whisper transport me in time and stir emotions via the proxy of a CD or mp3. The songs become more than a mere track on a CD (or an mp3) and that's why I go to Goldfrapp gigs.

    My personal beliefs are that the meaning of life is experiences (in short) , after the birth of my children, I cannot think of better experiences than concerts I've been to .... apart from the Pixie Lott gig I took my daughter to, it was shit.

    Obviously this leaves sexy times
    experiences in another list haha ;)

    But in all honesty, I'm far from trying to convert anyone to my perspective, very far actually. I see people who go to gigs and have a "Go on then, entertain me , I'll stand here like a lemon and you do your best to entertain me" attitude , I believe these people shouldn't go to gigs, they create black holes of negative self awareness in the audience.
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  • ...Being in a special atmosphere –in my case the old church of Paradiso– in a crowd that comes to listen to the music (at least that is what I assumed so far), I really sort of feel tracks like Yellow Halo and Ride a White Horse gushing through my body. It even makes me appreciate certain tracks on CD´s more (like Alvar for instance)

    Yeah, I think the venue very much can make it a special experience.
    Although I also don't feel quite comfy with large crowds, Goldfrapp often play 
    nice cosy venues (like Union Chapel, the gorgeous Seventh Tree gig years ago) where
    it's either the architecture  of the venue itself or the acoustics that makes a live
    experience so much worthwhile.
    Then songs really can go beyond what you have as a studio version on the album.

  • Some people just watch anybody at a particular venue. Or within a price structure at said venue. So they are not fans. If you are right at the side of them they will do your head in.
  • God what a question! Ive always wanted to shoot about 40% of London audiences.

    Theres nothing wrong going to see a band youre not a fan of. You might be curious about them or have not made your mind up about them from their recordings etc. As long as you shut the fuck up when the band are playing ;)
  • I personally go to gigs as I like to support a band/artist who I think has a genuine talent and especially to those types of artists who very rarely have any TV time as they are overshadowed by the mass hysteria that frequents so called talent(less) shows such as X Factor, etc.
    For me I like the up close and personal feel to a gig and see instruments being played as its something Ive always wanted to do myself but dont have a musical bone in my body.
    I have met LOTS of nice people at gigs obviously at Goldfrapp shows as none of my friends like Frapp so nice to meet others who do and be able to sing their praises without having the piss taken out of me going to see someone I love big time. 
    I would go lots more but its the total lacking of any form of decent venue round my area so always means having to travel miles to go somewhere decent which doesnt help my travel sickness one bit. Its always worth it afterwards though!
    Sorry, probably not the answer you were looking for but thats why I go to gigs, and yes I would be sad enough to see Frapp perform every week 
  • prob's just for a night out, i saw a few bands, heaven & hell, richie blackmore, demon, & a few others just to get out the house for a bit, i'm no real fan of any but i respected the fans there! the only gig i've been to as a real fan was the Goldfrapp gigs in manchester back in july :)
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  • I've been going to gigs and festivals as many times a week / month / year as I possibly can get to or afford for the last 15/16 years of my life and things have definitely changed over that time. I almost always go to something because I know the music or know I will enjoy it, so of course want to listen intently. The shows I go to when I'm taken by a friend or recommended but don't know the band, I will still give them and the people around me the same courtesy - shut up and listen. Don't like it, don't stay.
    About 6 years ago I reckon, things began to change for the worst, and have only gone downhill since. And that's not even a very long time, I know. Before that I never saw anyone, really, taking pics, shouting, talking, throughout a set. Them all of a sudden it seemed, people do it through EVERYTHING I go to. Photos, talking, shouting.. It's fucking disrespectful for the artists, & annoying for the crowd who care. From a metal band at reading, to camille o Sullivan in a little cabaret venue, to Nick Cave at the Dome, to band of skulls at the roundhouse, nothing has been saved from these people ... I go to ANY gig to watch and listen. I might drink a bit but I always shut up and respect the music. And I wish everyone else did too.

  • I've been to concerts since I was 6 years old and seen around 6000 different live performances.

    The first and best concert I've ever seen was my first which was Jimi Hendrix Experience supported by Pink Floyd plus others. My original memories of it were a bit vague as I was 6 at the  time, but being a follower of great, original music I have seen so much footage of Jimi since.

    That's why I love Goldfrapp, love the music and Alison's interpretation with her voice, expression, body language, costumes and performance.

    In my opinion, Goldfrapp are unique and along with Neil Young, they are the musical artists that I would see at every opportunity and that's saying something for someone who has seen so many incredible bands and singers over the years.

    I've been fortunate to get very close to Alison and the band during live performances at Oxford and Leamington Spa, not so much at Bristol and have to say they were incredible, wonderful and very special.

    We are so sad that we can't go on Friday due to family circumstances.

    Our tickets are for sale if anyone is interested, just let us know.

  • I usually go to a concert only if I absolutely adore their music and, then, it's great.  The familiarity overwhelms any diminution due to the live set.  And, I'll add that is one of the very special reasons I would love to see Goldfrapp live.  What I have seen on the web of their live performances are staggering.  Their precision on stage exceeds or matches most other bands studio performances.  Sad to say, it's unlikely I'll ever see them live.  And, believe me, I've gotten to the point where Goldfrapp is about the only band I would go out of my way so see live.  Though I did see Eric Clapton on his last U.S. Tour.  The exceptional thing about that is they didn't have a set list that they played for every concert.  Each concert was different, which just shows the amazing depth of experience of the band.

    There are very few bands that I have seen that I didn't previously know in depth that were worth the while.  About the only band I can think of was Golden Earring.  They caught you with the very first note and didn't let go.  And, they were the back-up band!

    I'm jealous, Lovelyhead2.  I can't imagine a better first concert than Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.  That had to be very early Pink Floyd.  I'm sure, if we ever hear from Carpy, he will be jealous as well.  6,000 concerts!?!?!  Who haven't you seen might be the easier question?
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  • People who go to gigs with the sole purpose of socialising should be slapped. I mean why, really? The price of entry is expensive and the bar prices in venues is ridiculous, what are your brains made of if not paper mache? People who go to gigs for this purpose AND shove their way to the front should be killed. If you must insist on treating the place like some shitty nightclub event stay at the back near the bar, do not shove your way in front of people who actually want to see and hear the band then do nothing but scream into everyones face to tell your equally vapid friends about the guy or girl you fucked last night. Seriously, i wish venues had some policy against this type of behaviour, proper etiquette or security will drag your ass out.