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  • Thought it would be of interest to people on here but Marnie (singer in Ladytron) has a new album out and it is quiet good.

    As she has done it via pledge music she probably won't have much in the way of promotion so thought i'd plug it in here as, i'm guessing, you'll mainly love it on here.

    For anyone who heard the single Hunter or heard she was doing a pop album it may be misleading as although it is quite shinny (it's produced ...and played i guess by Daniel Hunt) it's also quite a slow burner in pace. Hunter is not reprsentative at all. Anyone who liked Witching Hour torch songs like  Last One Standing, Beauty and All the way ... will love this!

    For me, it's actually the later half that has the real gems. High Road, Laura and Gold. The last 2 tracks are real big build up numbers with Gold the least electronic (and best) song on the album. Amazing song.

    Check it out!

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  • Can't say I loved the album from the first listen, but some songs are really worth a try! I really enjoyed The Hunter and We Are The Sea actually. Still it sounds pretty much like Ladytron, which is always nice :)

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