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How far have you traveled to see Goldfrapp?
  • Whenever I go to watch Goldfrapp perform live, I always hear stories of concert goers saying how far they have traveled to see the band perform live. So, how far have you traveled to watch the band perform live?
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  • The only one i have been was Manchester Academy in Nov 2010. If you was travelling in a car it would be 25 minutes from where i live (Wigan). But we went on the bus going and the train back which makes it take longer. 
  • 40(ish) miles - manchester Tales Of Us Live July, 2013.....
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  • Twice from Miami to NYC and once from MIA to the UK :)
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  • ^ yeah you've managed to clock up some miles. Didn't discopony come from Canada too? Some one needs to go to Aus to beat you guys!
    I've seen them in Spain and Germany.
  • I flew between 2100 and 2500 miles one way for the recent NYC show. I'm pretty sure that stevil flew farther.
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  • I traveled from The Netherlands to London. Far enough for me :)
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  • Not particularly adventurous but have travelled from where I live in the Shiteshire to Manchester, London, Oxford, Bristol (thanks Ping) and Cambridge. Can't think of anywhere else.
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  • to Paris in 2008....a fare distance I think..and i live in Buckinghamshire.....lol
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  • I'm not remotely on the radar compared to these wonderful/mad (delete as decided) people to fly around the world. More power to the 'Fly Me away' Frappers!

    My furthest was from Newcastle to Cornwall for the Eden Project show in the Supernature era

    Best part of 9 hours on the train sat in the same seat. Had gone slightly loopy by the time I got there :D
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  • Going to Paradiso (Amsterdam) later this month. This is about 90 km away from where I live (don´t know the distance in miles BTW)
  • Furthest was Manchester.

    Also been to Belgium twice to see them (Pukkelpop and Ancienne Belgique, Brussels)
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  • The furthest I've travelled to see Goldfrapp is Oxford.  By my standards, that's a very long way.  Since the Oxford gig, I haven't been that far from home again.
  • These answers are pretty neat! I think the farthest I traveled to see Goldfrapp Live was last month flying from PBI (FL) to EWR for the Beacon Theatre show. When I lived in NJ the travel wasn't bad. Now I'm actually contemplating traveling to the UK to check out that art exhibit Alison is curating.  :)>-
  • I went from London to Amsterdam to see them do a show with massive attack, seventh tree era time. That's the furthest, though have clocked up a fair few uk miles i guess, aside from a bunch of London shows - Manchester (x 4!) , Bristol, Oxford, Brighton x 2, Oh, isle of White...
    And long may all that continue!
  • The longest distance I've travels to see them would be London to Punchestown in Ireland to see them at Oxegen in 2010.
    During the November 2010 tour I did travel from Hammersmith Apollo ( dropping HB off on route) to Manchester academy to Leeds Academy and back. My employer very kindly paid for the travel, accommodation and food for the trip . as I arranged meetings in each city on the morning of the concerts.

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