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GOLDFRAPP 'break it down!'
  • With the TOU release and the following discussions about Goldfrapp's ever changing musical styles, it got me thinking that even though, at first glance, the albums seem musically different, there are many crossovers. I decided to look at the whole Goldfrapp back catalogue (extra tracks and all). I realised I could put most of them (with a few missing which, for me, I thought didn't fit (Human), put different mixes in (Lovely Head/Black Cherry) or I just don't like (Alive))  :-p) loosely into 4 areas of musical style. It's not definative just what felt right when i did it.

    1. The cinematic influenced tracks
    2. The 'pure' pop tracks
    3. The darker 'electro' pop tracks
    4. The empassioned, slow burning tracks

    Obviously these are just my personal choices and i'm sure people will disagree with them, but it is an interesting exercise. For me it makes me realise they haven't changed that much over the years.

    1. Cinematic mix

    01 > Lovely Head - Staré Mêsto Mix  (FM)
    02 > Time out from the world  (SN)
    03 > Gone To Earth  (BC)
    04 > Jo  (TOU)
    05 > Big Black Cloud, Little White Lie  (BC)
    06 > Thea  (TOU)
    07 > Stranger  (TOU)
    08 > Felt Mountain  (FM)
    09 > Lovely Head - Miss World Mix  (FM)
    10 > Cologne Cerrone Houdini  (ST)
    11 > Paper Bag  (FM)
    12 > White soft rope  (BC)
    13 > Simone  (TOU)
    14 > Deep Honey  (BC)
    15 > Utopia - New Ears Mix  (FM)
    16 > Let it take you  (SN)
    17 > Voicething  (HF)

    2. Pop Mix

    01 > Ooh La La  (SN)
    02 > Believer  (HF)
    03 > Rocket  (HF)
    04 > Ride A White Horse  (SN)
    05 > Number 1  (SN)
    06 > Happiness  (ST)
    07 > Fly me away  (SN)
    08 > Dreaming  (HF)
    09 > A&E  (ST)
    10 > We Radiate  (HF)
    11 > Head First  (HF)
    12 > I Wanna Life  (HF)
    13 > Hunt  (HF)
    14 > Caravan Girl  (ST)

    3. Electro Pop Mix

    01 > Crystalline Green  (BC)
    02 > Strict Machine  (BC)
    03 > Koko  (SN)
    04 > Twist  (BC)
    05 > Beautiful  (SN)
    06 > Tiptoe  (BC)
    07 > Slide in  (SN)
    08 > Yes Sir  (BC)
    09 > You never know  (SN)
    10 > Stain Chic  (SN)
    11 > Train  (BC)
    12 > Shiny And Warm  (HF)
    13 > Forever (Mountaineers Remix)  (BC)
    14 > U.K. Girls (Physical)  (FM)

    4. Emotional mix

    01 > Drew  (TOU)
    02 > Road To Somewhere  (ST)
    03 > All Night Operator (part 1)  (SN)
    04 > Ulla  (TOU)
    05 > Some People  (ST)
    06 > Annabel  (TOU)
    07 > Yellow Halo (GH)
    08 > Black Cherry (Lawrence Remix)  (BC)
    09 > Eat Yourself   (ST)
    10 > Melancholy Sky  (GH)
    11 > Clowns  (ST)
    12 > Horse Tears  (FM)
    13 > Clay  (TOU)
    14 > Laurel (TOU)
    15 > Monster Love  (ST)
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  • You seriously need to become a music critic Tatt! (I mean besides on here) Goldfrapp just fits my every mood...from hardcore, raunchy glamstomp..to softcore, cinematic sexy...ahhhhh, yes. Let's bask in the afterglow.. /:)
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • I have said millions of times, Goldfrapp music is suitable for just about every mood. The next one down from Frapp in regard to this is Stone Roses. 
  • I agree with all except Thea. I definitely regard it as more as a dark electropop track.

  • Ponygurl said:

    You seriously need to become a music critic Tatt!

    I like you :) Ah ... alas if only the dyslexia had not destroyed my confidence (and the fact the above takes about 10 mins to write then 50mins to re-write (then there are still mistakes). Written English never my strong point, much better at verbal communication. Very good at that :) Infact I started coming on here to practise writing.

    I see myself more as a music nerd/geek(?). When I went to see High Fidelity (strangely i enjoyed the film more than the book - feel Jon Cusack is the Hollywood version of me) at the cinema my friend Helen kept looking at me and sniggering while pionting a finger. Feel much affinity with those record shop guys. The scene where they watching Lisa Bonnet kind of sums up my 30's groupie years. (No affinity with the relationship part mind just the music obsession.)
  • Low said:

    I agree with all except Thea. I definitely regard it as more as a dark electropop track.

    I know what you mean but in so many soundtrack albums there's always a chase scene. This seems more like that than a pop song. I think it just feels like the pop song the context of TOU and that fact it has a beat. You stick Thea in the electro pop list and it sounds too warm and luscious.

    It's all subjective. The great thing is with iTunes playlists you can all set this up in 10 mins on your own computer and try it out for yourself. Then tweek it to suit your taste. Or maybe there is another feel you think works. Would love feedback though :-)
  • I love this list! Great job!
  • You seem to write just fine on here, Tatt.  I think Human, for me, falls into the Cinematic category, if you consider Bond themes cinematic.  And, since you have Thea and Stranger in the Cinematic category, I expect it does.  Very, very insightful!
  • nice and thought provoking post~!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and yes HUMAN in cinematic
  • Neat idea tatt! Ill have to assemble your mixes for myself and report back...

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