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  • So you got a new friend,or indeed you have fallen head over heels with someone,so you,re

     going to do the ultimate 70s/80s act of friendship/love for that person...........a mix tape

    You want bit to be eclectic,yet retain a certain flow.

    You want to show off your individual unique tastes,but need to throw in some "classics" so as the cassette doesn't end up flying out of a car window at 70mph on the motorway.

    For what its worth-1)david bowie-heroes

                                 2)mansun-until the next life

                                 3)big star-the ballad of el goodo

                                 4)the house of love-shake and crawl

                                 5)jellyfish-bedspring kiss

                                 6)verruca salt-volcano girls

                                 7)the Cocteau twins /Harold budd-sea swallow me

                                 8)kate bush-moments of pleasure

                                 9)Elliott smith-independence day

                               10)propaganda-dr mabuse

                               11)the shins-simple song

                               12)goldfrapp-time out from the world




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  • Nice! I love mix tapes.
  • 1/ Goldfrapp- Annabel
    2/ Goldfrapp- Monster Love
    3/ Goldfrapp- Head First
    4/ Goldfrapp- Number 1
    5/ Goldfrapp- Ride a white Horse
    6/ Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights
    7/ Guns N Roses- November Rain
    8/ T-Rex - 20th Century boy
    9/ Rihanna- Whats my name ?
    10/ Rihanna- Where have you been
    11/ Rihanna- Ya da one
    12/ Queen- Radio Ga-Ga
  • Based on tonights listening
     side one
    Goldfrapp Eat Your Self
    Morrissey- That's How People Grow Up
    Siouxsie & The Banshees- Drop Dead (Celebration)
    Killing Joke- Age Of Greed
    Jimi Hendix Experience- If 6 was 9
    Ladytron- Seventeen
    The Stranglers - Turn Centuries Turn
    Goldfrapp- Alive/Ride A White House
    Bronski Beat & Marc Almond- I Feel Love
    Bjork- 5 Years
    Peaches- I'm The Kinda

     Side Two
    The Cure Killing An Arab
    David Bowie- We Are The Dead
    X Mal Deutschland- Illusion
    Anna Calvi - The Devil
    Goldfrapp- Alvar
    The Doors- Riders On The Storm
    Portishead- Roads
    New Order- Ceremony
    Siouxsie Sioux- Drone Zone
    Goldfrapp- Thea

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline

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