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Any chance of this tour going State-side.
  • I know it's a big undertaking, and Alison seems to really want to respect the intimacy and depth of the "Tales" material .
    Don't want to insult, but Bjork did a brilliant set-up at the Hollywood Palladium of in the round, half reserved, half general admit. It was quite impressive as O had my doubts with the set up and the audience. Orchestra and Choral group, came off outstanding. Would love to see this show as well, and its hard to compete with Hammersmith and Albert Hall, but I adore this album's SLOWY's in Full.
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  • Given that they've toured the US behind every album from Felt Mountain to Head First, I think at least a handful of US shows next year are likely -- perhaps some  US festivals like Coachella as well. 

    It seems far more likely that we'll be getting the "regular" orchestra-less gigs in the US -- like the band's recent appearance at the Lovebox festival in the UK at which they played a mix of Tales of Us and more uptempo material from Supernature, Black Cherry and Head First. 

    That being said, I bet that within a "regular" tour they could line up a couple more of those Tales of Us w/ orchestra programs if they found compatible orchestras interested in the collaboration.  The LA Phil or the LA Chamber Orchestra here in LA have done these types of gigs before; not as orchestra for hire, but as part of their programming. 
  • Yes, another East Coast date, preferably Philly!

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