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  • I feel pretty good! There's a new website + forum + album details from a band I quite like. ;-)

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  • ^ whoop whoop Layla!!  dead chuffed for her.  that gal is SERIOUSLY talented...
  • Cervus said:

    I am currently feeling both glad and saddened. Alice has gone with her grandparents to the Villa that they are Steve co owned. This is the first time that I have not been away with her during the summer holidays... this is the first year in nine years that I am not spending time with her ...

    That sucks, Cervus. But it says a great deal of you that you could swallow your hurt and let her go...I hope it goes well for all of you. x.
  • fuck. i cant stand it.

    It's ironic that the phrase "man up" is used to suggest taking responsibility and facing up to something hard.

    seems like it would be more appropriate to use it to describe avoidance, denial and special pleading.

    PG - I dont know the answer to your question, but refusing to look at reality of male violence sure won't do it

  • image

    Yeah, and then you've got this horrible excuse for a person. I'm not gonna deny that the military and hunting is mostly a boys club, but i think thats a lot more to do with the oppression of women which is still being wiped out rather than woman just being cuddlier nicer calmer human beings. There isn't man and woman, there's humanity. We're all capable of this shit, if you don't want to face up to that then fine, but don't think hiding behind your gender and waving a finger at the other erases that part of you. If anything it's demonstrating that part of you rather arrogantly, you can't say your gender is different than mine without oppression and domination becoming a part of it. If you see a difference then you're as much a part of it as the other side.
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  • Cute. I think Alison's look is a bit more Red Setter these days!
  • A little ill after spending that much money on the deluxe edition, but otherwise fine :)>-
  • Haha. I only just  got around to looking at the "store". I guess I'll order the deluxe too. Or.. should I spend that money on a gig? The DVD is just the album in 5.1 right? No actual video. Hmm.

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  • I'm off to bed. Been up all night.  #:-S
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  • Does the money come out right now if you order the deluxe edition?

  • in the last 20mins ive been exposed to all things new goldfrapp. so i now need to come up for air! :p
  • You and me both Cookie.........feel a bit high on it all...need to get my priories right really.....  ;))
    '' Sometimes I think I've felt everything I'm ever going to feel and from here on out I'm not going to feel anything new, just lesser versions of what I've already felt ''
  • we've had new announcements from E3, apple and now Goldfrapp! its all becoming too much! :p
  • @cookiee_munster Lol. Yes it sure is.  Talk about a day full of wonderful announcements!
  • Goldfrapp everywhere. I like it.

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